Everyone tries to explain to you the love you will have for your child once they arrive but they also try to tell you that nothing anyone can say will prepare you for how deep and all consuming that love will be. Man... those people are right.

On January 9th, my son Wesley James was born and completely changed my life forever. He was a bit of a chunker at 8lb 5oz and had a personality almost immediately. He was smiling right away and loves to climb up your body and work his legs whenever he has an opportunity. When I first purchased my camera 4 years ago, I did it with the intention of photographing a trip to Germany but I also had a thought WAY back in my head... "Hmm... some photography skills could come in handy when I eventually decide to have a baby". Thanks past me! You were right and I am very appreciative of that thought process! I'm trying not to make every moment about finding the perfect photo op but I absolutely adore capturing our every day - from Wesley's cutest outfits to his wide eyes and playful spirit.

Here are just a few of my already thousand + photos of my main squeeze, Wes. More mom gushing to come in the future I'm sure... :)