North Ave Candles has expanded their candle library! They have two new Christmas candles inspired by Dicken's, A Christmas Carol, as well as a candle celebrating a pittsburgh (and global) icon, Andy Warhol. descriptions below - buy these beautiful candles today! CLICK HERE

christmas at the cratchit house: A festive blend of all things merry and bright: cranberry, Valencia orange, cinnamon, mulling spices, and mistletoe berries. This candle is for those who love Christmas with the open and unabashed enthusiasm of Tiny Tim. The hall deckers. The tree trimmers. The gingerbread latte sipping, cookie baking, fa la la la la-ers

ebenezer: An understatedly wintry blend of cedar, sandalwood, and patchouli. This candle is for those who may like to add some coziness to the winter, but won't necessarily be donning thy gayest apparel. The hearthside tea sippers. The late night snowfall watchers. The "scoff-at-how-much-earlier-Christmas-comes-each-year"ers.

pop! inspired by andy warhol: In honor of Andy Warhol, this is a bubblegum scented candle that's fun, colorful, memorable; Andy would have approved.

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